Sadie, 14 days.

In my almost 8 years of business I have never shared a complete session. Just photos here and there on Facebook, Instagram or my website. To be honest it’s terrifying! But, it’s time.

Meet Sadie Marie. Sadie is the niece of one of my best high school friends, Taralyn. I was so happy when Taralyn contacted me about purchasing a gift certificate for her sister, Emily. Then, I suddenly felt very old. How could little sister Em be a mom? Are we really that old? Sadly, yes. We are that old. lol. It never seizes to amaze me how quickly time flies!

Sadie has the sweetest head of sandy blond hair, and looks just like her daddy! We laughed at her sessions how funny it is that mom does all the work for 10 months, goes through the pain of birth and yet baby looks just like dad!


And there ya have it! 🙂

Comments and questions welcome as always.





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