Hello, it’s me…

So, I figure it’s time to introduce myself and let all of you get to know me.


I’m Dixie. A coffee loving, God fearing, lineman admiring, laundry conquering, wine drinking, camera carrying, country music adoring, hound chasing, horse riding, make-up wearing, tough mama! Whoa, that’s a lot…and just a tidbit. So, lets start at the beginning.


I’m an Arizona native, born in the small town of Miami to a copper miner & nursing student. At age 9 my dad died in an accident at the mine. A couple years later my mom remarried and we then moved to Higley, which is now Gilbert. I attended and graduated Queen Creek Schools, Go Bulldogs!!  Small town growing-up was a pure privilege! As a young teen I spent most of my free time feeding & doctoring cattle with my step-dad Mike. Old timer traditions run deep in our family. Traditions that my own family has carried on. We hunt, fish, raise beef & laying chickens, we say yes ma’am and no sir and always say grace. At 19 I married my high school sweetheart and moved to Arizona City. By 26 I was a mother of three beautiful girls, and living in Coolidge. Flash forward five years and here I am, living back on my childhood street, married for nearly 12 years and chasing our dreams.

So now you’re probably wondering where photography comes in…

I’ve always loved photographs. At about the age of 10, my moms friend Geri took this amazing photo of my mom standing on the edge of some large boulders and I distinctly remember the way I loved that photograph. It inspired me. I would steal my mom’s camera and pose my stuffed animals. As I got older, I moved on to posing my family and friends. During college I took photography as an elective, and then convinced my husband I needed a new point & shoot, haha point & shoot! After our first daughter was born I just couldn’t see leaving my sweet baby with a stranger or at a daycare, so I became a stay at home mom. Thirteen months later we became a family of four! CRAZY, I know! It was about this time that I decided I needed something to do, I mean more than changing diapers & chasing babies. I bought a DSRL crop sensor camera and started begging all my family & friends to let me take pictures of them. Poor peeps. Lol. I never gave up. After our third daughter arrived I took some time off and found that I just couldn’t stop thinking that I could do this, and be great. I started literally at the bottom & worked my way up and I’m still climbing!  I saved my money and upgraded to a professional camera, went to workshops & watched YouTube like it was going out of style! I’m proud of my work & the growth I’ve made and will continue to make. I don’t think one can ever stop learning. I’m passionate about babies & families, and love delivering photos that will forever be cherished. Our home has a dedicated studio space, its my mom cave! I work from home 80% of the time and love being able to be with my girls and be at home when my husband comes strolling in from a long day of work. Speaking of my husband…


Say hello to my main squeeze! Ryan is a lineman and houndsmen but most of all an amazing husband & father. He has always been my biggest support & advocate. He is my best friend, and I truly mean that. We aren’t your average couple, instead of date nights we have hunting trips & trail rides.








Our daughters are a perfect little blend of the two of us. They are tough, but kind. They are tomboys, but love to dress-up.TO5_1667

They would rather brush a horse than their own hair! No joke. I don’t know how many times I ask every morning if they have brushed their hair, but it’s definitely more then I can count on one hand. I have big dreams for these kids & sincerely believe they will move mountains.

Here we are!



Fact break down:

Camera- Nikon D800

Favorite Lens- 50mm & 35mm

Lighting- Studio & Natural (Studio lights for work done in studio & natural lighting everywhere else!)


photo credits: Twig & Olive Photography.