Why Booking Early is AWESOME!

Are you considering booking a maternity and/or newborn session? Wether you are booking with me or another photographer it’s important to book early! So let’s talk what I mean by early…

If you are wanting a maternity session it is ideally done between 32 & 34 weeks. Your belly is a beautiful bump & you still feel great! I, like many other photographers, like to make sure your vision comes true, and that takes time. I currently have 8 maternity gowns available, but if you want something different it takes 6-8 weeks for the dress to be made & shipped. Sometimes I get lucky and find the prefect gown ready to ship (RTS), but that honestly doesn’t happen very often. If you are wanting to do a stylized session (like a bed by the river), I need plenty of time to plan out all of the details! So, when do I suggest you contact your photographer? Between 20-26 weeks, but no later then 30! This isn’t to say they won’t squeeze you in if you call at 34 weeks! Just know if you do, they may not be able to accommodate all of your wishes.


Newborns, Newborns, Newborns! Newbies are my favorite. By contacting me while you are still pregnant, I can guarantee I will have time for your little bundle! I prefer for newborn sessions to be done within the first 16 days, but some photographers want them before 10 days. If you wait to contact your photographer after baby is born they may not be able to get you in while baby is still sleepy, flexible & fresh! I take a limited amount of newborns every month. So by contacting me & getting your deposit paid you are not only retaining your spot with me, but you are also giving me time to shop! I have a weakness… It’s newborn props. With almost every newborn session booked early I buy a new prop (or three…) just for that specific baby! By contacting me early it gives me the opportunity to get to know your taste and what kind of props you are hoping for! Just like maternity gowns, most props (hats, headbands, tie-backs, etc.) are not made until ordered. All prop vendors I use create hand made props, and they take precious time, usually 4 weeks. Booking early not only gives me a shopping advantage, but also allows me to create a payment plan that fits your needs! In my opinion the best time to contact your photographer about newborn photos is no later then 34 weeks.


So, four reasons booking early is AWESOME:

  1. Guaranteed availability
  2. Props that fit your style
  3. Payment Plan
  4. Less STRESS!


The best way to contact me is via email at dixielandrumphotography@gmail.com.